10 of the Most Overhyped Credit Card Features | Personal Finance

PS: It’s a hassle to dispose of old metal cards.

6. Fraud early warning/monitoring

This sounds great, right? “Get a heads-up on suspicious activity in your account.” But remember, this is for the issuer, not you. You’re not liable anyway.

Moreover, if the issuer’s fraud algorithms are too sensitive, you could end up with a bunch of denied or flagged transactions on legitimate spending.

7.Card lock

Called various names — like a freeze or quick lock — this service lets you essentially “turn off” a credit card that you’ve lost or misplaced, to foil thieves. It’s a neat and potentially highly useful feature, but it’s not unique, at least not anymore. Most of the major card issuers offer some version of card lock.

And again, ultimately it’s a feature to protect the issuer, not you. You’re not liable.

8. Contactless pay

Also called “tap to pay,” this is often touted. But it’s not a differentiator because it’s almost standard now, at least among newly issued and replacement cards.


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