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Over the past decade, Universal Display’s stock has popped more than 230%, averaging about 13% annually. That actually lag’s the S&P 500’s return in the same time period, but remember — when thinking about investing in various stocks, future performance counts more than past performance. In the company’s third quarter, revenue grew by 23% year over year, with CFO Sidney Rosenblatt noting, “As we look to the OLED industry, we believe that we are still in the early innings of a long-term secular growth market. As the next wave of OLED adoption for medium-and-large-area applications takes shape, we are fortifying our position as an OLED leader and innovator on multiple fronts.”

Universal Display’s future looks promising, as TV makers upgrade their offerings, such as into 4K models, and more people buy models with very large screens, requiring more square feet of display. So far, OLED screens are only present in a small portion of TVs — as they’re costlier — but it’s likely that that portion will grow over time, presenting a tailwind for the company.


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