4 things healthcare marketers should monitor

Data collection and online privacy continue to be top-of-mind concerns for consumers, and many policies on the matter are in flux. Below are four key changes that could affect hospitals’ digital marketing strategies in 2022, according to a Jan. 25 report in The Wall Street Journal.

  1. Google is phasing out third-party activity-tracking cookies on its Chrome browser, leaving many marketers scrambling to devise strategies for the continued collection of consumer data.
  2. The California Privacy Rights Act will take effect Jan. 1, 2023. Marketers should prepare, as its provisions give the state’s consumers new rights, such as limiting the use and disclosure of sensitive personal information, according to the report.
  3. Marketers should be wary of Apple’s next moves, as the tech giant is continuing to invest in privacy features.
  4. Marketers who relied on the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe’s data protection framework could soon find themselves out of compliance, as tactics used by tech companies in auctions were flagged by Belgium’s data authority as unlawful, the report protection said.


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