Best 24 Social Media Platforms for Brand Marketing in 2022

Are you planning a new project or thinking of launching your own brand? I hope you already know that starting a company is easy but running a business is a much more difficult task. While you are new to the market, the first thing you need is identity. No matter how good your product idea is, or how effective your product itself is, you have to work hard to get people’s attention. As a brand, the marketing part will always be your biggest problem in the business apart from the quality of the product. So you have to use all the tricks and methods at your disposal to select the perfect marketing strategy for your business.

Why use social media platforms for brand marketing?

At the dawn of 2022, we all know what social media is and how deeply it has spread. The number of social media users is numerous and the number is increasing at an exponential rate every day. No matter what age group of people you want to reach, or what kind of potential customers you want to reach, you will find them all on social media from all over the world.

In a nutshell, social media platforms are actually a great option to engage with a large number of people from any desired background from the community. Nowadays to gain more audience and to identify yourself faster, social media is a better option than TV ads and newspaper ads.

There are a lot of social media platforms available all over the world, many of which are so popular you can’t even imagine. It’s so easy, that to reach potential customers, you need to be on as many social media platforms as you can manage. With this approach, your brand will quickly become known.

In this article, I will describe the 25 best social media platforms on the market for brand marketing. Since not all social media platforms are suitable for brand marketing, not all social media platforms are also suitable for any type of product. Depending on our product and your target audience, you have to choose platforms and develop your strategy.

List of Best Social Media Platforms for Brand Promotion 2022

Facebook social networking site

Facebook has broken into the world and is now one of the most used social network, which needs no introduction! Facebook is one of the most popular places for organic and paid promotion, and also one of the most popular sites for making purchases. It has a large number of features that allow you to not only interact with acquaintances but also start live videos and spread anecdotes. For successful marketing, you can use organic content or survey the Facebook user base. Additionally, Facebook is prioritizing purchasing through Facebook Stores.


Due to its popularity and user base, YouTube is our second choice. This social networking app is the most popular video platform and the second largest search engine after Google. By developing the brand with the big marketing companies, YouTube is a great way to sell your company. It has been widely reported that the items featured on YouTube have a 70% sale potential due to the fact that they are purchased by their customers.

The WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app, as well as the world’s favorite! Due to its attractive and cool features like customer service discussions and product catalog placement, WhatsApp hosts over 50 million organizations. Furthermore, Facebook recently stated that marketers using the WhatsApp Business app will be able to design Instagram and Facebook ads that will allow the user to start a discussion by simply clicking on “click on WhatsApp”.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a premium software owned by Facebook that must be downloaded separately to access chat and messages. It contains various advertisements, such as inbox ads, sponsored messages, etc., which connect user communications from Instagram and Facebook, allowing customers to quickly message marketers for services. For productive customer communications, this app includes greetings, automatic replies, and external messages.


Instagram is another great social networking site that only the huge Facebook has. This network started as a photo-sharing site, but over time, it expanded to include the field of social business or e-commerce. Instagram may be referred to as a virtual shopping website because it has a large number of features that can help your business expand and generate great sales. However, don’t forget to build a strong virtual presence on this platform in order to increase your user base and revenue.


WeChat is generally associated with messaging, but it has a lot more to offer. This dominant Chinese software allows users to communicate, make video calls, access government services, play games, share rides, buy, and do a variety of other things. When it comes to businesses and sales, the app is well known, and is an excellent alternative for those looking to expand their company in the Chinese market.

linked in

With a large professional and knowledgeable population, Microsoft-owned LinkedIn has recently gained traction among users and businesses as a great way to promote business. Because of features like organic content, product pages, LinkedIn Live plus, and LinkedIn ads, LinkedIn marketing can be a top secret for B2B marketing people and professional brand switchers.

TThis is good

Tik Tok may be restricted in some places, but it remains one of the most popular social media sites! This short video making platform is very popular among young people and attracts audience with unique algorithm. However, given the uncertainty about what kind of content to produce and how to connect with Tik Tok influencers, this app can be incredibly baffling for marketers.


Douyin was around before the introduction of TikTok. When it comes to consumers, this Chinese version of the well-known short video app is very popular. This platform could be a great way to reach out to Chinese youth for business and sales growth.


Tencent, the Chinese tech giant, owns QQ, the second largest messaging network in the country. It includes text and voice chat, audio and video calls, group building, and other interactive elements such as music, games, and shopping. This well-established channel, mostly used by young people, is sufficient for e-commerce and marketing alternatives.

Sina Webo

Sina Weibo is similar to Twitter, but in Chinese! The prominent and oldest Chinese microblogging channel has many competitors. As features, it features powerful background ads, sweepstakes, and well-developed influencer networks.


Although Telegram is a messaging app, its vast user base gives it the feel of a social networking platform by offering features such as large group chats and accessible individual channels. This privacy-focused site will eventually be set up as an advertising platform, while businesses may benefit from the possibility of creating a user base at the same time. It will include features such as broadcast channels and groups, organic awareness through chatbots, etc.

snap chat

Snapchat is indeed a fun and popular filter-based program among the young gentry. This platform is a good choice for individuals who want to grab the attention of Generation Z through Snapchat ads and companies.


QZone appears to be another Tencent app with a huge user base in China. This social networking platform can be customized and allows users to post blog entries, videos, and photos.


In China, Kuaishou, better known as Kwai, is a short video making app created by Tencent. This app competes directly with TikTok and also provides live streaming. It allows users to purchase in-app merchandise from influencers who use a live stream, as well as provide virtual gifts to influencers. NBA, Volkswagen and more well known brands can be found on Kwai.


Pinterest is a huge social networking site featuring articles from a wide variety of fields. This cutting edge, standalone platform allows companies to promote their content related to life events. It is a must for e-commerce and brand marketing because of its favorable market reputation and user trust.

Pinterest has created a nice corporate atmosphere, with detailed product pins, shopping features, and interesting ads. Moreover, if you can create engaging content, you can quickly increase organic reach and traffic through Pinterest.


Conde Nast owns Reddit, which is constantly looking for more members while introducing new services. It works in a variety of areas to attract the interest of the public and build a user base. However, Reddit cannot be fully relied upon for solid sales, influencer marketing, or promotional content. However, you can count on the advertising platform to help them grow their business.


Well, you don’t necessarily need a large user base to attract the audience when name recognition is sufficient. Twitter is one example; It may not have a large user base, but its name is widely known. The majority of the population is involved in politics, media, and entertainment. When it comes to marketing, organic marketing on Twitter, in addition to its excellent platform for advertising and customer service, can reach a large audience.


If you’re looking for answers in a specific area, you’ve likely heard of Quora. It is another survey site that ranks well in SERPs, similar to Quora. This easy-to-use platform offers a plethora of advertising opportunities, including sponsored responses and media sharing capabilities for blog entries.


VKontakte, a version of Facebook, features a platform populated by millennials. As a result, when it comes to brand advertising, it is nothing short of a range of exposure that includes everything related to e-commerce and brand recognition.

snap chat

Despite the fact that many young viewers have moved to TikTok, Snapchat is still a major force in the world of top social media apps. However, Snapchat’s massive loss is a source of strength these days, as B2B companies flock to the platform. This year, Snapchat’s monthly visitors are up 18%.


Medium: A site where you can get off the rails. Although this is not the official logo, you do get the concept. Medium attracts companies and individuals who want to express powerful content ideas, inner thoughts, and anything else they think the world should be aware of. It is also easy to optimize mediocre content and increase traffic to your website.


People usually associate Twitch with game streams, but it’s also a complete live streaming network for content providers. If your content isn’t Twitch-friendly, you should at least do some investigation there to understand more about your target audience’s tastes.


For those unfamiliar, Discord is Slack’s consumer model (development kit). It’s a one-stop shop for connecting with groups, friends, issues, and other people. Create your own Discord channel and provide exclusive information to your VIP community, similar to how companies use Reddit.


To create any commercial marketing is the first method. Yes of course we know that content or product is always king, but only through marketing can a king have his empire. So, developing an ideal marketing strategy is very important. And in 2022, any marketing strategy becomes incomplete without a social media approach.

The social apps that I have listed above are the best platforms on the market at the moment. It is not recommended or necessary to be on all social media to make an impact. But you have to be on multiple social media to build power and become big. Depending on your niche, you need to think strategically

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