Candidates for court-at-law seat file campaign finance reports

Grayson County Justice Center

Four people have filed to replace retiring judge Carol Siebman on the Grayson County Court-at-Law 2 bench.

In the March 1 Primary, three Republicans will face off including Rick Dunn, Hillary Clark, and Vanessa Vice. The winner of that race will face Democrat Barry Rubarts in the fall to see who will replace Siebman.

The four candidates recently filed campaign finance reports that show how much money they have collected from supporters and how much they are spending on their campaigns.

The reports were due on January 15.

Barry Rubarts

Rubarts, reported $1,000 in contributions and $1,854 in spending.

He itemized donations of $500 each from Pam McGraw of Sherman and Dennis Wyatt of Denison. Rubarts also listed a loan from himself to his campaign of $845.

Rubarts listed his $1,500 filing fee to the Republican party and $325 to the Herald Democrat for advertising as itemized expenses over $100.

Rick Dunn

Rick Dunn listed $10,155 in contributions and $5,623 in spending.

Contributions of more than $100 that were itemized on Dunn’s report include: $120 from Amy Mayer of Glencop Illinois; $970 from Laura Gallardo of Sherman, $970 from Sara Gallardo of Sherman, $240 from Debbie Graham of Denison, $150 from Rhonda McClure of Denison, $1,000 from Bill Douglas of Sherman, $250 from Denise Clearman of Sherman, $250 from Jamie Ramey of Sherman, $250 from Calvin Barker of Sherman, $500 from Claire Tate of Sherman, $250 from Chip Adami Jr. of Sherman, $1,000 from Winston Marshall of Sherman, $1,000 from G. Deann Strobel of Sherman, $750 from Joe Smith of Sherman, $100 from Marcus Olds of Sherman, $500 from Nancy Strobel of Sherman, $1,000 from Sheri Casey of Frisco and $100 from Christopher Saur of Prosper.

Dunn listed $5,395 in itemized expenses over $100.

He spent that money at Super Cheap Signs for yard signs and stakes. He also listed a $163 expense at Office Depot for push cards.

Hillary Clark

Hillary Clark reported $5,375 in political contributions and $1,264 in political expenditures for the reporting period.

She itemized contributions of $100 or more including $100 from herself, $1,000 from Lawane and Rhonda Luckett of Sherman, $1,000 from Allen W. and Laura B. Clark of Stoneville, Mississippi, $500 from Robert Hempkins of Denison, $1,000 from Bill Douglas of Sherman, $500 from Brad Douglas of Sherman, $100 from Lucile Wyatt of McKinney, $100 from Rachel Garcia of Tampa, Florida, $100 from Chad Cruce of Denison, $100 from Ellis Olmstead of Sherman, $100 from James Nicholson of Sherman, $500 from Jerry McGowen of Sherman , and $200 from Mabel Bauer of Sherman.

Clark itemized expenses of more than $100 including $1,090 to Pyro Lab Design of Sherman for media sign printing, $125 to Lowe’s for wood for signs, $4,220 to CBC Creative for advertising.

Vanessa Vice

Vanessa Vice reported $325 in contributions and $6,869 in expenditures.

She itemized contributions of $100 or more from Eric Shults of Webster. She also listed loans to her campaign of $2,500 each from herself and from Barbara Vice of Sherman.

As far as spending is concerned, Vanessa Vice listed spending $1,890 at Cheap Political Signs in Austin for political signs.

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