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Marketing technology company Clearwater PostcardMania has reached new milestones – exceeding the company’s expectations.

PostcardMania sells direct mail campaigns to thousands of small businesses, using automation technology that pre-programs mail, allowing the system to deliver a single piece of mail to anyone when triggered.

Founded in 1998, PostcardMania started as a small start-up in a 600-square-foot country house in Clearwater. It currently operates out of a 69,800 square foot campus on Sunnydale Boulevard.

The marketing technology company grew from a profit of $64.2 million in 2020 to $83.9 million in 2021, significantly exceeding its expected profit of $75 million to $80 million.

PostcardMania’s fastest growing segment was PCM Integrations, a newly launched division focused on direct mail automation, which is up 154%, according to the company.

“Putting this kind of marketing technology into the hands of everyday small business owners with small budgets has been our mission since 2013, when we started our pivot from a direct mail-only marketing company to a technology-driven marketing company covering everything from PostcardMania founder and CEO Joy said. Gendusa in a statement.

“We are now in a position to help small business owners with every aspect of their marketing – online, offline, integrating both, and automating it all to make it easier – at an affordable price. A more competitive and thriving small business sector also promises A good thing for all of us.”

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Although the company struggled during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Gendusa neither slashed its marketing budget nor laid off any employees. PostcardMania quickly rebounded and recently added more than 40 new jobs to its roster, bringing its headcount to 328.

Automated direct mail offers a significantly lower cost of entry compared to traditional direct mail and a more personalized consumer experience.

With its cost structure and return on investment growing, PostcardMania has also recently reached the 100,000 mark on the number of clients it serves.

The company is listed in Inc. 500 and 5000, as well as several publications.

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