Damani Heywood voted as Chair of Marketing – The Ticker

Rep. Sen. Shokhrukh Dustmurodov will be the first senator featured in the spring semester.

Vice President of Academic Affairs Osvaldo Garcia asked if representative senators can also post on TikTok. Heywood said he will discuss it with Chair of Graphics Vicki Xiao.

Chair of Clubs and Organizations Snigdha Sarker asked if Instagram takeovers will continue. Heywood confirmed that it will, only if the selected representative senator consents.

The marketing committee will allow vice chairs to have editors. Four positions are confirmed: a copy editor, a newsletter and resource editor and two photo and video editors.

The applications to these positions will be open at a later date and there are ongoing discussions on the application and selection process.

Sarker clarified that the club fair, originally scheduled for this week, will take place later in February and that club leaders were notified in an email. Student Life will share details at a later time.

Assistant Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Brian Allen introduced himself to USG. He works at the Office of Student Life, supporting social justice advocacy and community building and advising cultural and identity-based student groups.

“I hear that you are all really doing wonderful work and that you’re impacting the fact that you all are creating a positive change on campus is affecting different areas within Baruch,” Allen said. “I’m excited to see that and collaborate as well.”

President Alison Lee announced a community-wide Discord that will answer questions and grow the community, thanking Rep. Sen. Abdullah Mahdi for his work. The chat will be monitored and rules still being created.

Garcia said that after the computer science major resolution passed in a previous meeting, professors will use the resolution to make a proposal.

Chair of Finance Tyler Yang asked if the computer science major would overlap with computer information systems. Garcia responded that there will be two separate departments, after speaking with professors.

Garcia announced that he will attend the monthly faculty meeting on Feb. 3 and asked those in attendance for questions.

Reyes will speak to Student Activities Graduate Assistant Stephen Palencia on how USG can assist in planning for Women’s History Month, encouraging USG to attend committee and planning meetings.

“I do believe this is a great way to reinvigorate the community within our months of celebration,” he said.

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