Digital Marketing is Crowded, So How Can Your Agency Dominate?

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Digital marketing has been a profitable industry for the past two decades. Every business you can think of needs to have an online presence. Every online presence needs to be supported by a combination of marketing, advertising and PR strategies. Perhaps you are up front or have an incredibly talented team. If so, you undoubtedly have plenty of money to help business owners with your search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), social media and other marketing efforts.

Of course, the high profit potential of the digital marketing industry has led to interesting side effects; The online world is flooded with an abundance of digital marketing agencies, educators, experts and other authorities.

With so much direct competition, how can your digital marketing agency stand out?

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experience and power

Philosophers and scientists remain divided over the validity of the authority argument. In other words, does your position as an authority on a particular topic automatically make your argument stronger?

We can continue to discuss whether this is acceptable from a thinking perspective. One thing is for sure; People tend to hire experts at least in part because of their perceived authority and expertise. If you are seen as more reliable, more knowledgeable or more expert than other digital marketing agencies, you will earn more business.

There are several ways you can do this:

  • Content: Content marketing is a huge industry, so it shouldn’t surprise you to see it recommended here. Writing amazing content, complete with original research and innovative ideas, that can set you apart from the crowd. This is getting harder and harder, with the abundance of online content already available. You will need to take your time and invest in quality more than quantity.
  • Publishing: Get your posts on the top posts you can find. It’s an easy way to get more attention to your business and be seen as more credible at the same time.
  • Affiliations: Connect with others and try to connect and collaborate with influencers. If you consistently engage with the big names in the marketing industry, you will be viewed as an expert too. You can also partner with or do business with reputable clients.
  • Talent: Hire the best marketing professionals you can find. You can showcase their collective experience – and provide your customers with better service.

Differentiation (and specialized specialization)

The old saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them. Alternatively, if you can’t beat them, do something different. You may not be able to beat the best basketball player on earth, but perhaps you can become the best player in a more mysterious sport.

As a digital marketing agency, one of your best tools will be to critically differentiate yourself. How are you different and can you serve a client base that is not currently overrun with marketing options?

Your goals here are to become more unique and more relevant to a particular group.

For example:

  • Specific tactic: There are a lot of SEO agencies out there, but how many of them can count themselves among the best link building companies in the world?
  • Specific type of customer: You can target specific types of customers based on any number of factors, such as industry, business size, stage of growth, type of end customer, and more.
  • Unique spin on classic services: You can also offer a unique spin on classic suite of digital marketing services. Can you offer additional services or rewards, or give your customers an unforgettable customer experience?

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Flexibility and scalability

You can also make an effort to make your digital marketing agency more flexible and scalable. Some businesses are being turned off by strict service plans, long-term contracts, and tight restrictions on service provisions. You can avoid this by offering your customers more options.

For example:

  • White Label Partners: Use our White Label specialists to expand the range of services you can offer to your clients. It’s inexpensive and you’ll get instant access to an external team of experts who seem to be under your brand’s umbrella.
  • Independent Contractors: You can also handle more clients and provide more services with the help of flexible independent contractors.
  • Modular plans: Attract anxious customers by offering more flexible and modular plans; Provide pay-as-you-go forms or selective lists of services in your packages.
  • Long-term relationships: Above all else, prioritize your long-term relationships with clients. Make your clients satisfied however you can and make them invested in your agency.

This is not a foolproof recipe for long-term digital marketing success. But, it will help you differentiate your agency in a market full of viable competing businesses. Spend some time addressing the strengths and weaknesses of your signature – and tailor your approach to fit your unique agency profile.

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