Finance Blocks appoints Dipender Bhamrah as a product & technology advisor

January 24, 2022 2:37 p.m. IS

New Delhi [India], January 24 (ANI/PNN): Dipender Bhamrah; Dy. Managing Director of Jio Platforms, joined Finance Blocks as Product and Technology Advisor.
With over a decade of experience in complex digital products and platforms, Dipender has an inspiring vision for building large-scale blockchain products in finance and retail.
As the blockchain industry enters the new year, progressive and promising blockchain solutions are making headlines. However, few critical issues still limit socio-economic growth in the world today. And, to ensure this overall growth, the urban and rural parts of any country must be synchronized in terms of technological and economic progress. This is exactly where transcendent blockchain-based fintech solutions like Finance Blocks come in.

Dipender, who brings his valuable experience in fintech, blockchain and API/SDK-based products, comments that “Finance Blocks is well placed in the market today – creating the right product, identifying the right business processes to serve the underserved, and building key partnerships to ensure the availability of suitable solutions”. With its comprehensive features, the company aims to bridge the gap between rural financial lenders and rural people.
Adding more information on the current state of RFIs and how Finance Blocks is providing product-market fit, Dipender shares, “The provision of financial services in the rural sector is a challenge today, particularly due to the state of rural economic activities, socio-economic dependencies and vulnerability to multiple risks. Therefore, the development of an inclusive and sustainable rural financial ecosystem is essential and requires a field understanding for which the company is well positioned”.
Dipender, who is currently building blockchain products at Jio R&D, further adds, “Blockchain creates an ecosystem for these RFIs, who currently use legacy software or no software for their consumers and create digital business processes to improve access to credit. in order to serve the unbanked/underbanked, bring trust, transparency and affordability”.
According to Dipender, 2022 will be when Finance Blocks transcends the operational workflow of RFIs and unlocks credit for its consumers.
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