Finance reports filed for Grayson County precinct 4 commissioner campaigns

Individuals vying for county seats have filed campaign finance reports ahead of the upcoming primary election.

County commissioner, Precinct 4, and his challenger for the March 1 Primary recently filed campaign finance reports.

Since no Democrat filed for the office, the man who wins the primary will be the commissioner for that precinct come January.

bart lawrence

Republican Bart Lawrence reported contributions of $3,801 and expenditures of $9,393. He also reported $11,150 in outstanding loans to his campaign from his own pocket. Hardenburg listed $11,460 in contributions including a $1,500 loan from himself to his campaign. He listed $4,563 in expenses.

Lawrence itemized the following contributions of $100 or more: Todd Thompson of Pottsboro, $500; Ponnuswamy Swamy of Pottsboro, $1,001; Gary Watkins of Sherman, $250; John St. Clair of Plano; Texas Association of Realtors of Sherman, $1,0000; Randy Hensarling of Denison, $250 and Bill Douglas of Sherman, $500.

The incumbent listed itemized expenditures of $100 or more at the following: Billow Marketing of Pottsboro, $5,443; Hunter Luton, $750; Tyler Neil, $187; Pottsboro Area Chamber of Commerce, $850 for event expenses and $300 for advertising, Lowes in Sherman, $734 for advertising; Pottsboro Athletic Booster Club, $125 for advertising; Grayson County Republican Party, $750 filing fee and Chase Wilson, $150 for wages.

Matt Hardenburg

Hardenburg itemized the following contributions: $250 James Graham of Pottsboro; $1,000 Taylor Strawn of Sherman; $500 BJ McGure of Pottsboro; $1,599 Matthew T Hardenburg of Pottsboro; $200 Johnna J Clark of Pottsboro; $1,000 James Price of Pottsboro; $250 Robert Hempkins of Pottsboro; $500 Ronnie Cole of Denison; $100 Donna Henderson of Pottsboro; $500 Cynthia McCullough of Pottsboro; $500 AJ McGuin Concrete of Pottsboro; $250 Robert Lacy of Sherman; $250 Peter L. Hudgins of Sherman; $400 Lonnie L. Binns of Pottsboro; $2,000 Allison Landscape & Pool, Denison; $1,000 Patricia J. Moure of Sherman and $250 Malcolm L. Lacy of Southmayd, $250.

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