Financial Goals to Set for 2022 | Personal-finance

We’re at the beginning of the year so let’s use this terrible situation. Let’s use this bad situation as an opportunity to maybe do a personal finance reality check, something that’s probably good to do from time to time.

New year, great time to do it. People are making resolutions. You’re taking stock of things. I want to ask both of you, do you have one or two suggestions for people in terms of financial items that they might want to look at.

That they might want to review at the beginning of the year just to make sure they’re all set, the situation is where it needs to be and they’re not going to get some nasty surprises later in the year, perhaps.

Let’s do it ahead of time before you realize you need it. Let’s start with you Will. What do you think?

Will Healy: Well, I think you certainly have to look at it not only is it a new year, but also taxes are coming up in a few months at this point. I think you have to look at things. You want to maximize your IRA contributions.

Well, first of all, you want to budget it, and pay off most of your consumer debt if you have that, but assuming that’s all taken care of, you really need to look at avenues where you can save, you are maximizing your IRA contributions.


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