Former Marketing Exec Became an OnlyFans Millionaire Within 2 Years

  • Model Kazumi Squirt became a millionaire in two years by posting content on OnlyFans.
  • The online sex worker told Insider that she also wanted to have an avatar in the metaverse.
  • Aside from creating her own content, she is also exploring opportunities in crypto and real estate.

The OnlyFans model, who says she became a millionaire two years after joining the platform, believes that other digital spaces, such as the metaverse, offer huge potential for sex workers.

Kazumi Squirt, as she is known to her fans, said that she also sold her first NFT—a photo collage—for the equivalent of $400.

She shared documents with Insider that made her total earnings from the modeling business as of January 2022.

Squirt said she was raised in a very strict culture and was not allowed to go out, unless she was with her family or going to school, until she was 17. 18, and attributes her online success to the digital skills she developed while socializing on the Internet.

Skert told Insider that despite her strict upbringing, “sex work has always been something I’ve been interested in, and I think I’ve always been annoyed internally.” Skert, who is of Filipino origin, said she is keen on representing Asian sex workers.

She added, “I’ve always been interested in sexual positivity, and before I started monetizing my content, I was already going to sex events while working as a marketing executive,” as she believed they should separate “business and pleasure.”

Her goal was to become a lead in the marketing agency where she was working, but when the pandemic hit, it prompted her to focus on her own website OnlyFans.

Kazumi in a restaurant.

Squirt wants to invest money so she can maintain her lifestyle.


Becoming a sex worker in the Metaverse region

Squirt told Insider that she has always been thirsty for success and is now looking to enter the crypto community. She said she hasn’t completely thrown herself into the cryptocurrency industry, in part because she needs to answer about the “strange impact on the environment,” but she is aware of her financial potential.

She’s also considering creating an avatar in the metaverse and becoming a virtual sex worker, because, she said, “there is a lot of potential for digital sex.”

However, the idea of ​​you being a sex worker in the metaverse seems unlikely, judging by the Meta’s previous moderation of nudity content on its platforms.

Meta did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment on the possibility of allowing sex workers into the metaverse.

Impostor syndrome is also a frequent feeling of Kazumi. She said that despite the fact that she has already made a good amount of money, her regular income is still precarious.

OnlyFans’ announcement of a sexually explicit content ban last year, before quickly reversing the decision, didn’t help her feel reassured about her financial stability.

While Squirt has made a name for itself by selling explicit content online, it ultimately wants to find a way to generate passive residual income. “Cryptocurrency is the future,” she said, hence her interest in finding out more about it, but she also wants to get involved in the real estate industry.

“I think that’s part of being a porn star. Everyone I know in the sex industry is interested in real estate.” She added that for people like her, who want to make a lot of money, the real estate industry “is where it happens”.

Although she’s found a good balance between creating content and maintaining her personal life, she works out a lot – and enjoys doing it – but prioritizes taking care of her mental health.

“I have a lot of life to live,” she said. “I love the lifestyle I’ve built for myself, and it’s very expensive. I want to make sure my investments can keep up, even when I’m no longer attractive or relevant online.”

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