Free Book Marketing Webinar for Authors by Smith Publicity on January 26th, 2022

Smith Advertising is a leading advertising and book marketing company headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

The world’s leading book advertising company – Smith Publicity, Inc. Cherry Hill, NJ

There has never been a better year to be an author, and we want this educational online series to help us achieve what has always been our goal at Smith Publicity – to make good things happen for authors.

Smith Publicity, the leading book marketing and public relations firm, has announced a six-session webinar series for book marketing for 2022. The first webinar addresses the author’s brand and is scheduled for January 26, with others presenting at various times during the year. next. The unique format of each session has resulted in it being led by a veteran Smith Advertising executive with a respected industry partner who has relevant expertise. The webinars support Smith’s commitment to making book marketing and sponsored knowledge more widely available online for authors, publishers, and others relevant to the field.

The January 26 webinar “Developing Your Author Brand” will feature Marisa Eigenbrod, Senior Vice President, Smith Advertising, and Industry Partner and Personal Branding Expert Kate Lydon. The course will focus on the elements required for author brands, how to identify and develop their unique traits, ways to support and expand them by increasing their social media followers, and plan a marketing strategy to drive growth and visibility.

“We are excited to present our 2022 Webinar Series to share our vision for book marketing, and to give other respected professionals from the industry their opinions on book marketing topics often asked about,” says Marisa Eigenbrod. “There’s never been a better day to be an author, and we want this informative online series to help us achieve what our goal at Smith Publicity has always been – bringing good things to authors.”

Highlights of Smith’s Advertising Webinar Content “Developing Your Author’s Brand”

Date: Wednesday, January 26, 2022 – 2 PM EST.

This webinar is free and open to the public. Register here in advance:

  • Learn how to create your own author brand to sell more than just books
  • Prioritize social media platforms in 2022 to increase your followers
  • Select and develop the best marketing strategy for your brand and book

All Smith Publicity’s free webinars will conclude with a question-and-answer session with questions submitted by participants before and during the session. Author’s takeaway Participants in the Branding Course will include a greater understanding of the value of a well-developed author brand, how to develop it, and why it is useful on many levels. The webinar leaders have a lot of experience experimenting with personal brands and bringing their knowledge to the session. Through case studies and examples, they will explain the power and long-term value of author brands.

2022 webinars to cover a range of book publicity and marketing topics

Continuing its focus on book publicity and marketing topics, the 2022 webinars will include a course on the essential elements of book marketing campaigns and how to survive and thrive as an author in the new book industry landscape. Smith based the publicity sessions on the most frequently asked questions she receives from authors about book promotion and marketing. Inviting other industry executives to co-present sessions with a Smith executive expands the knowledge base and provides additional information and expert views.

About Smith Advertising

Smith Advertising is the most prolific book marketing firm in the publishing industry today. She has worked with and promoted more than 4,000 authors and writers since 1997. Smith’s team of publicists have created campaigns for authors ranging from first-time self-published writers to New York Times bestsellers. The company’s continued success in a wide range of genres is a tribute to its uniqueness and ability to innovate with boldness and ingenuity.

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