Gov’t may undertake marketing of Liza-2 oil, Bharrat says

As ExxonMobil prepares for the commissioning of the Liza Unity FPSO at the end of this month, government is exploring cutting out the ‘middleman’ and directly selling its oil share from that project and one option is India.

“That [selling to India] is something we will consider, too. But, of course, we would like it to be an open transparent process. We have always mentioned it should be that way. We are considering the option of India but then we are looking at making it an open process,” Minister of Natural Resources Vickram Bharrat told the Sunday Stabroek in an interview.

“What we are looking at, too, is not marketing but selling [ourselves]. In that way we save on the marketing fee. So if any country, India, or any company, is willing to do that, we may be open to talk about that. That way this country would actually save money,” he added.

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