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MarTech Salary and Career Survey

The COVID pandemic has accelerated change in marketing organizations at a pace not seen since the first smartphone launched. Digital has truly become the dominant experience for customers, stretching from how we buy things to how we work, learn and play. The result: boons for digital advertising, commerce, virtual events, content marketing and so much more.

But that disruption has certainly made its mark on the profession. With new demand came new responsibilities and pressures. Changes in martech stacks meant teams had to learn new skills. The “great resignation” saw professionals walk out on roles in search of other opportunities that fit better with their career goals and values. Just look at your LinkedIn feed you’ll likely see a daily stream of new job and promotion announcements.

We want to find out just how much all of this upheaval has affected the salaries marketers are earning and the roles you find yourselves focused on in this new pandemic era of digital marketing. That’s why MarTech is partnering with marketing transformation expert Scott Brinker to launch the 2022 MarTech Salary and Career Survey today.

Please help us by this anonymous survey so we can better understand all of this change. The survey should not take longer than five minutes and the results will be shared on MarTech and in a few weeks.

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Henry Powderly is vice president of content for Third Door Media, publishers of Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and MarTech Today. With more than a decade in editorial leadership positions, he is responsible for content strategy and event programming for the organization.

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