Horizon Media names Latraviette D. Smith-Wilson chief marketing and equity officer

Horizon Media, the largest US media agency according to the AdAge data center, has hired Latraviette D. Smith Wilson will report directly to Bill Koenigsberg, CEO and founder of the agency.

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Smith Wilson will lead Horizon marketing alongside diversity, equity, inclusion and impact efforts, a hybrid role that would traditionally have been the domain of two CEOs: chief marketing officer and chief diversity officer. The main goal of merging the two positions is to facilitate Horizon’s growth strategy across its people and culture, customer value propositions and agency identity, according to Smith-Wilson. The CMO position was previously held by Stephen Holl, who had left the agency.

business fuel

On the marketing side, Smith Wilson will help design the future strategy for Horizon Media, from product development to expansion. From a human and executive development perspective, you will lead the internal integration effort. “DE&I is still often seen as a supplement to business rather than a business fuel,” she said. “I want Horizon to be a model for transforming how DE&I is generally viewed from a marketing perspective, its value in and its role in driving growth.”

Koenigsberg says diversity, culture, fairness, equity and behaviors are closely linked to marketing and believes DE&I is part of the agency’s DNA, so “it made sense in the world to integrate it.”

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