How to make the most of your car dealership’s digital marketing opportunities – Robert Dimson

Today’s buyers want to shop with the brands and people they trust. Cox Automotive has done a lot of work regarding quality leads and consumer purchase signals. Here to discuss how to leverage data to build connections with customers, is Robert Dimson Senior Director of Customer Marketing for Cox Automotive.

At a time when inventory is at its lowest, not all sales are the same. Potential customers may be coming in at a fast pace, but how can auto dealers determine the right people to spend their time and energy on the job? Many auto dealers still believe that more leads equals more sales, however, the data shows us that’s not always the case. Not all leads carry the same value or quality, says Dimson. Car dealers need to develop a process in their CRM that prioritizes potential customers. That’s what they help Dimson and Cox Automotive do.

It is also important to have a diverse digital advertising strategy that can lead to positive disruption in the market. Dimson recommends auto dealers take a closer look at how they reach and interact with active shoppers. In such dynamic times, to qualify leads, traders need to see a strategy to close deals at a faster rate.

metricsIn order to check the return on investment and Analyzing inventory investments, auto dealers use tools such as Market Extension Basic and nVision. These digital marketing analytics tools capture predictive insights into shopper engagement in real time. These ideas can be accessed through one easy-to-use dashboard. The Market Supplement also allows car dealers to list vehicles outside of their market opening up a whole world of possibilities. To limit this, car dealers can use a digital retail platform like Accelerate My Deal to meet consumers at the bottom of the funnel in whatever markets they want.

So how does all of this translate into digital marketing opportunities for 2022? Here are Dimson’s recommendations:

  1. The quality of your market audience is key. Find partners who can help you build real-time audiences.
  2. Activate the data you already have. Consider your first data partner.
  3. Create long term clients. Develop a strategy that measures changes in consumer behavior.

It’s really about relationships, building trust, and connecting with consumers. Cox Automotive leverages first-party data and leverages insights and buy signals across all of its brands. They constantly monitor where consumers are on their shopping trips. Who better to help auto dealers identify these quality leads?

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