Human Design Is Your Key To Better Marketing

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Have you ever felt frustrated or bitter in marketing your expertise? Felt like no one was listening? I learned the strategies, followed them to a T, but generated sparse results?

Those of us who run small businesses, especially our coaches and experts, have all been there. The sad truth is that most people are stuck in this survival mode for far too long. I admit I was there myself, and at times felt like I had nothing to offer. Despite all the facts supporting my successes working with clients in my own business, I’ve struggled to feel that I’ve finally found my way, the way I feel good and attract clients into my world with ease.

That all began to change after I discovered the Human Design System, a roadmap for self-empowerment that author and thinker Ra Uru Hu devised decades ago. Initially, I turned to Human Deisgn in my personal life by letting her help guide my decision making and honor my energy flows. Lately, I have informed my career more and more, specifically when it comes to marketing my business vision online.

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What is human design?

If you’re a personality test addict like me, and are open to learning more about your energy and defining your aura, you’ll love Human Design. This will help you feel like you’ve just got permission to be in the end You are. Don’t get me wrong – human life is full of lessons that don’t always feel easy or fun. But as they say, it all starts with awareness.

Think of it like operating systems. If you’re on Windows, the keyboard shortcuts app made for Mac won’t work. It’s the same for humans. Human Design makes you aware of your internal operating system. It gives you a guide to using the correct shortcuts and understanding the processes that underpin the rules of the game for your design.

However, it’s a lot more than just slapping a label and telling you there’s a way or that way you can work it out. By being aware of all the unique traits identified within, we can also recognize openness in areas where we don’t have a definition. We can discover the amount of wisdom and flow of understanding of this openness in our lives.

Work is a personal thing, especially when you do it alone or have a small team. It may function differently on a large scale, with individuals stepping aside out of respect for the group. So, when we embody our determination and empower ourselves to appear in a way that feels good, it charges our business with the kind of spark that traditional strategies and tactics often fail to ignite.

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Marketing by Design

Marketing is all about building relationships. Relationships are all about people. Going further, people are more about interacting with each other on a more physical level. We refer to each other’s energy as vibes and auras, and that’s exactly what happens when we interact with each other on a vibrational level where our aura meets.

Human design is about the interaction of our auras, how they feel, and how they allow us to see and experience each other. Based on this input, it helps us express how we influence each other and how we make the right decisions, giving us a strategy to rely on in every area of ​​our lives.

From my own experience and in working with clients, understanding your decision-making authority and strategy helps realign your marketing approach. This is a strong feeling. It’s also about tapping into the “feminine” by releasing the expectation of instant validation and opening yourself up to be ready for reception.

As an organic marketing professional who always talks about the power of appearing and standing out for your originality, using a human design approach to marketing makes perfect sense to me.

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Depending on your human design, your personal strategy may be to “wait for an invite,” which is the idea behind classic catchy marketing. Or you may be born to start, innovate, and create something new that is worth moving. Or maybe you’re in alignment when you simply respond to external factors that light up you, like asking your audience a question to feel for the suggestion or comment or feedback that gives you a full-bodied “yes” to creating a new program.

These are very simplified examples. In fact, there are a lot of nuances, and that’s what makes us all so special. But that’s where frustration and bitterness set in is when we try to take initiative or direct uninvited – creating a repulsive energy around us that makes us feel invisible. Or focusing on a goal that feels good when everything we do to achieve it kills us on the inside, unsatisfying us in our lives.

Some of us are born to do it, some are born to know and be known, and some are born to offer new directions. Knowing our purpose, our gifts, our strengths and specifically strategy by design is how we can create flow in our marketing, conviction in our voices and transformations when working with our clients – not just on a cognitive level. This awareness enables us to clearly communicate these gifts and transformations through our content, networking, and collaboration, creating an endless flow of the right opportunities and ultimately attracting customers to our business.

If this resonates with you, human design may open up to you a world of flow and empowerment, just as it did for me and through me, as well as for my clients and followers. Today may be the day you start discovering the flow through your marketing and fall in love with your work again.


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