Hundreds of scientists call for an end to fossil-fuel marketing

After Edelman announced earlier this month that it would not stop working with some fossil fuel companies, scientist Michael Mann (also known as Leonardo DiCaprio in the do not search) told Adweek that if the agency wanted to avoid the emergence of “green bleaching,” ending business with fossil fuel customers was “a must.” Now, MAN with more than 450 scientists is calling for change.

Along with the Union of Concerned Scientists and Clean Innovators, the group of scientists signed a letter last week asking public relations and advertising agencies to stop working with clients of fossil fuels.

  • In the letter, the contributing scientists wrote that they “continually face an unnecessarily large challenge: overcoming publicity and public relations efforts by fossil fuel companies seeking to obfuscate or downplay our data and the risks posed by the climate crisis.”
  • The signatories include scientists at universities around the world and from institutions such as the Nuclear Energy Information Service, as well as physicians, one of whom is from Boston Children’s Hospital.

Astrid Caldas, chief climate scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists, wrote in a statement that their urgency stems from the need to cut carbon emissions by at least 50% this decade and to net-zero “no later than” 2050 to avoid climate change. catastrophe.

The group wrote in the letter that this is not possible if public relations and advertising agencies work with companies or trade groups that “plan to expand their production of oil and gas.” or contribute to efforts that spread “climate disinformation” and obstruct climate legislation.

Duncan Meisel, director of Clean Creatives, told Marketing Brew that he believes the message will make it difficult for agencies to make sustainability pledges without addressing clients’ work.

“There is no longer any excuse not to know how dangerous this business is, or to try to hide behind vague commitments made by the oil industry,” he said.—KH

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