Independent Channel Ready To “Experience the Journey” At Nationwide Marketing Group’s 58th PrimeTime Event In Phoenix

Together for the first time in 2022, members of the Nationwide Marketing Group and vendor partners prepare to dive deeper into the evolving shopper journey.

Phoenix Convention Center

The rapid evolution of the shopper’s journey and how to move the customer from initial awareness to purchase and long-term loyalty status will take center stage once again as the independent channel on Phoenix for Nationwide Marketing Group drops the 58th PrimeTime show.

“While the independent channel has seen some amazing growth in 2020 and 2021, the landscape is changing. We need to change with it,” says Tom Heckman, president and principal member of Nationwide. “Even if you have more business than you know what to do now, Big Box back off. They are working hard to win back shoppers who have been lost. Thus, it is more important than ever for independent traders to activate strategies that we know will help maintain the market share growth they have experienced.”

PrimeTime will feature multiple sessions highlighting the shopper’s journey that help pave the way for deep and meaningful education and conversations throughout the show. From the robust list of Nationwide Learning Academy (NLA) sessions to the various member-led roundtable discussions, merchants will have ample opportunity to expand their tool belts with the resources needed to succeed at every step of this shopper’s journey.

Attendees can explore topics across 14 different tracks (NLA), including store experience, website management, data and analytics, leadership and human capital, product training, social media, business and financial services, digital marketing and more. Several PrimeTime favorites will also generate returns in Phoenix, including Product Marketing Sessions, Mattress University, Furniture Forum, and Luxury University.

PrimeTime will open with an inspiring keynote by Eric Weinmayer, a blind adventurer who has accomplished some remarkable accomplishments in his life, including climbing Mount Everest. Weihenmayer will share his powerful message with independent retailers, reminding them how they can use the challenges and tribulations they have faced over the past two years as a way to help propel their business to new heights.

In addition, PrimeTime Expo is set to take over the Phoenix Convention Center with approximately 200 vendors on hand to showcase their products and services on the independent retail channel. The exhibition hall will be filled with lots of new product introductions, many world premieres and some of the biggest and best CashBack and Show Specials that this show has ever seen.

“Our vendor community in Phoenix has stepped up and shown their commitment to our members and the independent channel as a whole,” says Melissa Stinson, Vice President of Member Experience at Nationwide. “Our members have the opportunity to interact and connect with our partners across all categories and in some unique environments.”

Other notable features of PrimeTime in Phoenix include:

  • PrimeTime Backyard Show, featuring food and beverage samples, education, and vendor partners’ outdoor show.
  • PrimeTime Palooza’s 90-minute buying frenzy, including an all-new app-based experience that will give attendees the chance to score deals from the comfort of their hotel room rather than the Palooza Ballroom.
  • The largest single PrimeTime CashBack offering ever offered in the Furniture & Furnishings category, courtesy of Serta Simmons Bedding.
  • PrimeTime shows with Snap One, Magnolia Home, Milk House Candles, Snooze Mattress, Vision Grills, Croix Valley Foods, ZLINE Kitchen and more.
  • Return of Extended Payment Stock Financing for Consumer Electronic Purchases.
  • CE display area more than ever.
  • A refurbished luxury university experience right on the floor of the PrimeTime Gallery.
  • WIN: Women in yoga and outreach activities nationwide.
  • The first PrimeTime Show is a Palooza exclusive exclusive to MediaSign TV.
  • Networking opportunities for specialty groups, including the National Service Leaders and Home Technology Professionals Network (HTSN), Nationwide RentDirect, NextGen/IDEA and more.

As always, PrimeTime attendance is free for members and guests nationwide. Although pre-registration is strongly encouraged, independent retailers can still register to attend PrimeTime on-site during the show. To learn more, visit

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Nationwide Marketing Group works on behalf of thousands of independent appliances, furniture, bedding, electronics, specialty electronics, custom fixtures and lease-to-own dealers to help them grow their businesses and thrive on their own terms. With more than 5,000 members operating approximately 14,000 storefronts, the Nationwide Marketing Group is the largest purchasing, marketing, and business support organization of its kind, representing billions of combined annual sales across members. For more than 50 years, the organization has been committed to the independent channel, empowering members with the scale, sophistication and efficiencies they need to compete while delivering the business intelligence, tools, and resources required to win in an ever-changing business environment. To learn more, visit

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