LinkedIn Shares Insights into Platform Usage and Audience in New Guide for Wealth Planning Marketers

Are you looking to get a better handle on marketing opportunities on LinkedIn, and how many business decision makers can you reach with your LinkedIn ads and posts?

This week LinkedIn published a new 25-page LinkedIn Marketing Guide for Wealth Marketing Firms Marketers.

LinkedIn Financial Services Marketing Guide

It is of course a somewhat niche niche, but it does provide some great advice for brands in the area of ​​wealth management, while highlighting the potential for connectivity among LinkedIn’s broader audience.

Additionally, the guide also includes some world-value notes on using LinkedIn, including this graphic:

LinkedIn Financial Services Marketing Guide

This is the first time I’ve seen these insights from LinkedIn, which show total members reached through company posts, increases in usage and paid media, total impressions, connections and more.

LinkedIn engagement data is somewhat hard to come by, especially since Microsoft acquired LinkedIn back in 2016, eliminating the need for LinkedIn to continue publishing platform performance stats. Now, LinkedIn usage data has been reduced to a few point by point in Microsoft’s quarterly updates, and while we have access to the platform’s total member numbers, “Members,” “Users,” and usage, are very different things.

LinkedIn member map

Which is why these notes are interesting, while LinkedIn also shares insights into how its members evaluate insights from business leaders.

LinkedIn Financial Services Marketing Guide

and other demographic information, comparing LinkedIn’s audience to other social platforms.

LinkedIn Financial Services Marketing Guide

These are some potentially valuable notes, which can help with your strategic planning, and chart a process for communicating with the right audience for your brand and products.

In addition, there is also this note about cryptocurrencies that may also relate to evolving trends:

LinkedIn Financial Services Marketing Guide

The data provides additional perspective on LinkedIn’s broader audience, and the potential value in targeting and connecting with these users through the application’s various tools.

Of course, the main focus of LinkedIn’s new directory is on financial services companies and wealth planners, and if you’re marketing to these sectors, it’s definitely worth a look. But even beyond this discipline, the notes here provide some value to your LinkedIn layout.

You can download the LinkedIn Wealth Management Planning Guide here.

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