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Good morning marketers, and what do you think of the opportunities that student-athletes have under the new Name, Image, and Similarity (NIL) agreements?

As we covered the news recently, brands are taking this opportunity to draw attention to important causes and to highlight the athletes that many sports fans love to watch over the competition.

For any marketers who care about the kinds of stories being told with these talented and inspiring people, these aren’t your typical sneaker and sports drink ads. That’s because the stars are not professional athletes. To date, more attention has been paid to the complete student-athlete, giving education and life after sports an important role in the narrative.

This makes Student Sports more relevant to the brand’s audience, and takes advantage of what younger consumers value in an overall brand message. They don’t just buy your product, they want to make sure it aligns with your brand values.

Chris Wood


Quote from today: “The marketing operations are responsible for opening the box and showing everyone behind the curtains. Doing so is the only way to gain the trust and support needed for sustainable and predictable growth.” Tim Barkin, Marketing Consultant

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