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Semrush boosted its offering with a new acquisition, and we discussed the importance of better email delivery as we dive into a few automated predictions for 2022. Discover more insights, tips, trends, and predictions from this weekly presentation:


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With the rapid shifts in everyone’s life happening faster than manual targeting can adapt, I’ve seen a real shift in the past 18 months toward marketers accepting and accepting that – even for outbound connections – it’s now practical and possible. They make the final decision individually for each individual client, at the moment they deal with it. Now, marketers can spend more time creating and activating new content.

Customer expectations have also changed, leading to this shift. As our experiences with brands have gone fully digital, we expect seamlessly connected experiences that speak to us as people, not as segments. When the person we’re talking to on the phone, or an email we receive is muted about the interaction we just had, that brand is ridiculed (not in a good way!).-Shoel Perelman, Vice President of Product Management at Pegasystems

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MarTech interview with Roli Saxena, President of AdRoll (a division of NextRoll)
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One of the biggest challenges for e-commerce brands is getting the shopper’s attention to make the first purchase and then building long-term loyalty. 98% of shoppers never even make their first purchase and those who make 3 out of 4 never make their second purchase. So, what that means is that the cost of customer acquisition is high.

My advice to e-commerce marketers is that before you even spend a single dollar on marketing, be clear about 3 things: Who is the target audience or person for your product? / What is the Unique Selling Point (USP) of your product? Finally, is the product a one time use, rarely used or a frequent purchase? Roli Saxena, President of AdRoll (a division of NextRoll)

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