Pringles pops open refresh with new campaign

Diving Brief:

  • Pringles launched its first update since 2018 with the new global campaign “Mind Popping,” according to information emailed to Marketing Dive.
  • The campaign kicks off with an advertisement made in association with advertising agency London Gray. During a 20-second ad, the narrator claims that the consumer is “made for Pringles” after showing how chips have the coarse shape of the universe and a human tongue. This theory was then adopted by Charles Darwin as advertising increases the use of humor.
  • With the campaign, Pringles, owned by the Kellogg Company, joins the ranks of the growing legacy of brands launching updates for the post-pandemic market. The campaign was launched last week on television.
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Diving Insight:

In the past few weeks, M&M’s, Anheuser-Busch, and Coca-Cola have all launched brand updates in an effort to stay relevant in a world looking to weather the coronavirus pandemic. With its new campaign set to run until April 23, 2022, Pringles is making a similar attempt by catering to the fun side of the consumer through the use of humor and references to the brand’s heritage as a snack meant to be fun.

By positioning itself as a product that brings fun to everyday moments, Pringles attempts to remain relevant as consumer tastes change rapidly. As the world is going through drastic changes, brands are making an effort to change with it, while always looking to remain recognizable to the consumer. Some have been more successful than others, but all efforts are looking to keep pace with the emerging consumer after the pandemic.

“The fact that a famous sci-fi author invented his own bread machine, that the universe is shaped like a Pringles chip and that the chip fits the tongue perfectly led us all to the idea of ​​’mind popping’ and what it looks like and what it looks like,” said Christopher Lafam and Aaron McGurk, creative directors at Gray Global Group. In a statement, a simple potato chip is actually so much more.

During the campaign’s first ad, the narrator claims that humans evolved for the sole reason of developing a thumb opposite to the popping of a Pringle can. The purpose of the humorous venue is to position Pringles as a fun and enjoyable everyday snack.

To support the update, Pringle’s will host a five-minute light show at Lee Valley VeloPark in London that will feature animation and touching content from Ollie B. The experience, created in partnership with Onepointfive, will be streamed live on Pringle YouTube on February 9 at 7:30 Evening GMT.

It marks the first update to Pringles since 2018, when the company revealed its “Pop, Play, Eat” program. Similar to the new campaign, the old efforts were meant to elicit feelings of fun while advertising focused heavily on opening a Pringle can. In the past, Pringles played a role in the addictive nature of salty snacks, as with the “once you pop, you can’t stop” effort.

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