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5 banking trends to watch in 2022 –

“Some of the stories Banking Dive sees taking shape for 2022 – crypto, for example – are carryovers from last year, reaching a logical conclusion or forward movement. in the office, may be at a turning point.”

Why it matters: Banking Dive lists the five banking trends it believes will be most important in 2022. They are: i) back to the office; ii) regulatory developments in general and the measurement of “climate risk” (and possibly other ESG issues) in particular; iii) digital assets and cryptocurrencies (see here for a discussion of 300 community banks diving into this); (iv) mergers and acquisitions — bank mergers appear to be slowly increasing; and (v) the possible approval of SAFE, the Safe Banking Act, under Democratic leadership and as opinions on lending to marijuana businesses in states where marijuana use is now legal. It’s an interesting list and discussion.

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