Research Shows CRM Marketers Want More Connectable Tech and Better Personalization Capabilities in 2022

Paris and New York – (work wireToday, Tinyclues, a CRM marketing technology company, released the results of a quantitative research study focused on CRM marketers. CRME status The research report is based on a survey delivered to nearly 100 CRM marketers worldwide. The research focuses on key challenges for CRM marketers, technical resources, marketing strategies, and tactics to improve customer focus in 2022. This is the latest wave in Tinyclues’ annual series of CRM studies.

The findings highlight that CRM marketers face a new set of challenges in 2022 with specific concerns about the connectivity of technology solutions and personalization. The most prominent vulnerabilities identified by CRM marketers are 48% stating the need for technology solutions that are easy to integrate, 44% choosing easier access to data, and 43% solutions that connect more easily to their existing stack. This highlights the need for CRM marketers to build an integrated, connected solution and the ability to make better use of their data.

Creating personalized and relevant experiences for customers is also a huge area of ​​interest for CRM marketers with 37% of marketers saying the need for better customization capabilities is a huge gap. To delve deeper into this, Tinyclues took a closer look at best-in-class CRM software (those with an integrated technology stack and a deeper look at their customers among other attributes) to determine which areas CRM marketers should focus on.

Best-in-class marketers are 68% more likely to use preference centers to learn more about their customers and 9% more likely to personalize content. This shows that advanced CRM software is being sought after in customer preferences as it relates to the content they want to see and the channels they want to communicate through. In fact, best-in-class CRM marketers were 43% more likely to use a multichannel CRM marketing strategy while the overall sample was more likely to stick to a single CRM channel.

“This year we’re really seeing a shift in focus toward delivering relevant experiences to each individual customer,” says Benoit Bouteille VP of Customer Success at Tinyclues. “They are looking for technology solutions that go together to help them deliver these experiences through multi-channel activation, personalization, optimization, and scaling capabilities.” There is no doubt that CRM solutions must focus on interoperability to fulfill the expectations of CRM marketers in the coming months and years.

About Tinyclues

Tinyclues is a CRM marketing technology company that has delivered over 100,000 campaigns and optimized campaigns on over $100 billion in transactions. Building on over a decade of experience in CRM technology, Tinyclues has built a solution designed to enable CRM marketers to achieve their business goals by putting their customers at the center of their marketing strategy. With technology that anticipates customer purchase intent for every offering in a brand’s portfolio, more than 250 institutional customers globally have used Tinyclues to increase revenue and raise customer satisfaction through omnichannel CRM marketing. Tinyclues was awarded the Sammy Award for “Product of the Year” and the Martech Breakthrough Award for “Best Enterprise CRM Solution”. Tinyclues is listed as a “Seller to Watch” in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Analytics and as a “Great Seller” in its Multichannel Marketing Report. G2 Tinyclues awarded “Users Love Us” and “Winter and Spring 2021 for High-Performance Enterprises” certifications. Tinyclues is headquartered in Europe, Middle East and Africa in Paris, France, and the United States is headquartered in New York, United States

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