ReverseVision Recruits New Head Of Marketing – NMP

As ReverseVision’s Chief Marketing Officer, Scott Shepherd will oversee the company’s marketing department and be responsible for the design and implementation of its new marketing strategy.

That company states that Shepherd is joining ReverseVision at a turning point in its history. ReverseVision has laid the building blocks needed to support the growing need for reverse mortgage products among lenders and borrowers, according to the company.

“Following the massive recycling boom, the changing business landscape of the mortgage industry is poised for increased adoption of reverse loan products via multiple delivery methods,” Shepherd said. “ReverseVision is well positioned to take advantage of these opportunities while helping the mortgage industry expand and develop with much-needed loan products.”

Shepherd has a marketing background and a proven track record of successful execution in marketing, communications and branding. Over the course of six years, he has been pivotal in the development and growth of the eOriginal brand into one of the preeminent digital mortgage lending platforms in the country, which ultimately led to the acquisition of Wolters Kluwer in 2020.

Prior to joining ReverseVision, he headed Marketing Strategy at Unleashed Technologies, a web development and digital services company with commercial and non-profit clients in multiple vertical markets, including financial services. His strategic marketing efforts have resulted in the company’s success in laying out its solutions in an easy-to-understand and understandable manner for prospects.

Over the course of his 25-year career, Shepherd has developed a broad knowledge base that includes nearly all aspects of marketing in multiple industries within different sectors, according to ReverseVision. He managed marketing communications for numerous companies ranging from non-profit entities to private, international, government, educational and consulting firms. In addition, he was an editor, journalist, and public relations specialist.

“Scott is a seasoned marketing professional who is accustomed to working in dynamic, fast-paced environments operating in growth mode,” said Bill Mitchell, Director of Customer Relations at ReverseVision.

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