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If the experts at Snapchat are to be believed, shoppers are already looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day this year.

According to a survey of users in the US and internationally, of those who celebrate Valentine’s Day, 82% plan to spend it on connecting with the people who are most important in their lives.

And it looks like they’re planning to do so with the good stuff. According to data from the social media platform, among those who talk about Valentine’s Day, many also use words like free gift And Present. In the US, users seem to be interested in flowers, roses, and candy. Most of the other countries from which the data were obtained have the same atmosphere, with one important tradition – the word Not related. Therefore, it appears that users Australia, Norway, Sweden, France, Germany and the UK are all planning to celebrate, whether or not they are engaged with their significant other. Self gifting, anyone?

In this context, those who buy themselves may be inclined to do so on the actual holiday, as opposed to those who shop for others, who like to plan ahead, especially when considering shipping etc when buying online. When it comes to advertising, Snapchat suggests marketers aim strategically, with most chatter about the holiday reportedly arriving at 9am on February 14th (according to 2021 data). Brands don’t need an augmented reality (AR) campaign on Snapchat to respond to the advice — the conversation will certainly translate to other platforms where sales are happening, too.

Speaking of which, Snapchat says that 74% of its users who use augmented reality do so to shop — “try on” sunglasses, earrings, etc — so incorporating this technology into your social media sales strategy would be an excellent use of resources (some tags). Commercials, such as Lydia Courteille, have done so).

If you think Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday, that’s okay – other people do too, which is why they love it. Snapchat says the holiday “is about the cheese factor” and makes use of creative elements in hearts, roses, and red lips in AR (though, again, this could theoretically apply to other elements of the campaign as well).

You can visit Snapchat’s Business Blog to see some of the case studies where brands have embraced the Valentine’s Day vibe, but the bottom line seems to be that you don’t miss out on your opportunities this year — and enjoy them.

(Image courtesy of Snapchat)

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