SnappyEats Partners with Boostly to Grow Restaurant Revenue via Text Marketing

SnappyEats partners with Boostly to increase restaurant revenue through text marketing

Orem, Utah ( Paidwhich is the number one text marketing and feedback solution for restaurants, announced its partnership with SnappyEatsIt is a leading online restaurant ordering system. Boostly and SnappyEats integration will enable more than 8000 restaurants to generate additional revenue, increase customer retention, and generate more feedback and reviews through Boostly’s innovative platform.

According to recent research, restaurant customers who choose to text spend $12 to $15 per transaction than customers who have not opted out of the texting program, achieving an average return on marketing spend of over 718%.

“This partnership with Boostly is a fantastic new venture for our customers to expand their marketing horizons and increase their daily sales! We are very excited to provide their customers with an easy-to-use online ordering system,” said Danielle Easley, COO of SnappyEats.

Boostly offers unique competitive advantages over other text marketing companies such as:

  • Work seamlessly with restaurant POS and online orderers
  • Save incredible time for restaurant operators through a fully automated experience
  • Collect feedback on customer experience and solve problems in real time, including for guests outside the building
  • Create reviews to help acquire new customers

“SnappyEats has already proven to be an incredible partner, and we are thrilled to offer its customers a one-stop solution for text marketing and feedback,” said Shane Murphy, Co-Founder and CEO of Boostly.

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About Boostly

Boostly is a text marketing and feedback system that works seamlessly with restaurant POS and online ordering systems. Boostly makes use of customer data to get customers to sign up to receive text messages from the store, automatically pay them for additional visits, and gather feedback about the customer experience.

To learn more about Boostly, visit Or text us (800) 720-7738.

About SnappyEats

SnappyEats is an online ordering company that helps restaurants reach their full potential to increase revenue and morale!

SnappyEats improves order accuracy, increases order totals, and helps free up employees who are stuck receiving orders over the phone. 100% risk-free with no contracts or cancellation fees.

SnappyEats provides control and accuracy in your restaurant with:

  • Online contactless payment to keep order pickup or delivery fast
  • Ticket rate increase
  • Owner’s portal to provide the customer with control
  • Scheduled orders to ensure timing work for customers


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