Springy Mushroom Location, Mushroom Cake Marketing Pokemon Legends Arceus

The Springy Mushroom location in the Pokemon Legends Arceus Mushroom Cake Marketing request is the place where you can find these particular mushroom and complete the side mission. The mushrooms are kinda difficult to find for a few reasons. For one, the game doesn’t really hold your hand and tell you where to go. Plus, they’re kinda difficult to spot. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you out.

springy mushroom location mushroom cake marketing pokemon legends arceus
Springy Mushroom Location, Mushroom Cake Marketing Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where to Find Springy Mushroom Location in Pokemon Legends Arceus Mushroom Cake Marketing Request

To find the location of a Springy Mushroom (a lot of them, actually), you should go to the area north of the Nature’s Pantry area in the south of Obsidian Fieldlands. We found a whole bunch of them by simply looking around the roots of the trees found in the region. You only need one to complete the request, but you might as well farm a bunch of them while you’re there. Again, just go from tree to tree and “explore” the ground around them. You’ll have Springy Mushrooms coming out the ears before you know it. Do keep in mind that there are wild Pokemon everywhere, so do be careful to not run into them and get hurt or whatever. Might as well catch a few on the way.

where to find pokemon legends arceus springy mushroom location
Look under trees in Nature’s Pantry

Once you find a Springy Mushroom location in Pokemon Legends Arceus, you can complete the Mushroom Cake Marketing request. Go back to where you found Morel (see what they did there) and talk to him. After you hand him the Mushroom, the request will be complete and you’ll get five balls of Cake-Lure Base for your troubles. It’s a special field provision that “enhances the flavor of other foods it is mixed with.” Not bad for what’s basically a simple fetch quest. If you need a refresher on where Morel is, check out the screenshot below.

how to complete pokemon legends arceus mushroom cake marketing request
Talk to Morel to complete the request

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