Staffer dupes pvt finance firm of Rs 13 lakh


Police said accused Sathish Kumar (33) approached the members of a women self-help group in the locality and offered to get them a loan from his firm. Believing them, the women, 33 in total, handed over their Aadhaar and bank details to Sathish Kumar. As promised, the women received Rs 40,000 in their respective bank accounts. However, Sathish Kumar approached the women again and said the money was meant to be deposited in another account. They made them withdraw the cash and hand it over to him and to make them temporarily silent, he allegedly gave Rs 2,000 to all. While he went absconding after collecting the money, the collection agents from the finance firm went to the self-help group women and demanded their monthly installment. Only after the women told the collection agents that Sathish Kumar took the money from them, the finance firm realized the fraud. Based on its complaint, the district crime branch of the Chengalpattu police registered a case and arrested Sathish Kumar. He was requested in judicial custody.

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