Switch Publishes 2022 Marketing Trends eBook

The Big Book of Trends in 2022 eBook

The Big Book of Trends in 2022 – Available Now for Free

The Big Book of Trends in 2022 covers all aspects of communication, from search engine optimization to consumer behavior.

We work on a number of trend reports each year, and this year we wanted to make our work even more accessible by putting everything together in one beautifully designed eBook. “

– Richard Muscat Azoupardi, CEO of Switch

VALLETTA, MALTA, Feb 7, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ – The Switch, an international marketing agency, has put together an e-book containing trends for 2022 from nearly all aspects of marketing. In it, she covers general marketing trends, B2B, branding, web design, search engine optimization, social media, and consumer behavior.

The e-book, which is accessible for free, provides a complete breakdown of each marketing category, considering evolving trends from previous years, new technologies that will impact the industry, and how companies can and should interact with them.

“We work on a number of trend reports every year and this year we wanted to make our work even more accessible to those interested by bringing everything together in one beautifully designed e-book,” said Richard Muscat Azoupardi, CEO of Switch. It’s critical to every brand, and we want everyone to tell better stories. The world would be a better place that way.”

Who is the e-book for?

Each chapter covers a different aspect of communication, considering the nuances of each industry. Each trend is supported by industry statistics and case studies from across the marketing world. Any marketing professional or business owner who wants to stay ahead of the curve will find something of value in the pages of an e-book.

What exactly is the e-book talking about?

Everything from web design typography analysis, to B2B “don’t be a rooster” strategies, to the incoming social media metaverse and Web 3.0, to Google’s latest multitasking model technology and its impact on SEO is covered. The e-book also analyzes the impact of the pandemic on the way brands communicate and behave in an era when brand modesty and activism are expected.

The final chapter covers Consumer Behaviour, which wraps up all of the cumulative trends with a compassionate look at the way humanity approaches the desire to make a difference, the way consumers really want a simpler world to navigate in and how our demands as individuals that responsible behavior accessible to all can make a huge difference.

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