The American Center hosts training on entrepreneurship and financial inclusion

Entrepreneurship plays an important role in the economic development and growth of a nation. It creates new employment opportunities and stimulates economic growth by ensuring that a variety of goods and services are available to society that will actually improve living standards.

Last week, the American Center in Bamako, in collaboration with the start-up company “Finance Digitale pour Tous”, organized a series of training sessions on entrepreneurship and financial inclusion with a focus on digital finance. The purpose of the training was to strengthen the capacities of the members of the American Center of Bamako in the fields of entrepreneurship and to inform them about the economic opportunities offered by the digital finance sector of activity, which will generate more than 35,000 billion CFA francs of transactional volume in 2020 in the WAEMU zone (Source Agence Ecofin). During the training, the Director of the American Center noted that “Entrepreneurship plays an important role in the growth of the US economy and, as a result, policy initiatives are created to encourage entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs. This, coupled with the culture of determination and motivation, makes the US an ideal place to be an entrepreneur” and called on the participants to implement the knowledge gained from the training. A total of 18 young Malian entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs with business ideas benefited from the training.

Do you have business ideas? If so, how will these ideas increase economic growth in your country?

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