The Mechanics of Growth Marketing in a Privacy-Centric World | by Laura Nutt | Feb, 2022

Laura Nutt

When speaking of growth marketing, data plays a crucial part, and it is the most beneficial marketing asset for your brand. Using a data-driven strategy assists businesses in increasing return on investment from their marketing endeavors, curtailing the purchasing cycle, and raising consumer lifetime value.

However, due to the ever-changing organizational landscape, data that business growth marketers traditionally used to make optimization choices have become inaccessible as everyone is now shifting towards a privacy-centric world. It is where data-driven approaches come in handy to help organizations understand the role of data privacy in growth marketing.

In numerous ways, the shift of growth marketing towards a privacy-centric world would not be feasible without an ever-growing data volume. In modern times, the behavior, preferences and specific client actions can get traced through various channels; from search advertising and social platforms to mobile and web applications.

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