The Morning Briefing: Behind the Headlines and Quilter’s productivity drive

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Behind the headlines

We are always looking to introduce new aspects of money marketing Award winning journalism.

We are proud to present the new weekly series Behind the Headlines that will appear every Monday.

It offers readers an in-depth analysis of some of the most important news from the past week.

To kick us out of the news editor, Michael Clems writes about government and regulator attempts to crack down on false advertising online.

Both went off the fence and unveiled stricter rules.

productivity engine

Quilter expects a further reduction in the number of hired reps due to its productivity drive.

The company said money marketing, She is now focusing on the “next stage of her growth”.

The number of AR remaining is 322 between January 1, 2021 and January 20, 2022.

motor protection

In the first episode of the Protection & Wellbeing Podcast, brought to you by the Royal London editor at money marketing, She is joined by Katie Begden Christina Rigby, Product Owner at Royal London, and Alex Heaton, Founder and CEO of LiveSmart UK.

Hear the next episode of the Protection & Wellbeing Podcast, a series in association with Royal London, released every Monday.

Quote from today

The growing momentum behind new investment opportunities and asset classes – such as cryptocurrencies – means that wealth managers will need to continue innovating or risk losing new trends and losing clients.

– cAon Wilson, UK Managing Director of Avaloq, comments on how wealth managers can help more investors look beyond the upcoming market hype and focus on their long-term goals

stat attack

Despite inflationary pressures and concerns about coronavirus variables, Morningstar asset flow data reveals that 2021 was the best year ever for the European fund industry.


Assets in Europe-based long-term funds stood at €12.37 trillion (£10.34 trillion) at the end of December 2021

681.10 billion pounds sterling

Net inflows into long-term funds reached €815 billion (£681.10 billion) in 2021. This is 90% more than in 2020 and sets a new record.


With €376 billion (£314.22 billion), equity funds had their best year ever in terms of inflows


December 2021 saw net inflows of €60.5 billion (£50.56 billion). This is €9 billion (£7.52 billion) more than in November.

9.19 billion pounds sterling

Provision funds registered for the 10th consecutive month above the €11bn (£9.19bn) mark of net inflows.


Long-term passive funds classified as Section 8A of SFDR showed a high organic growth rate in the fourth quarter


Long-term passive funds classified as Section 9 of the SFDR showed an organic growth rate of 7.7% in the fourth quarter

Source: Morningstar

in other news

Just Group has completed a full £345m buyout plan with a planned trustee sponsored by a global distribution company.

With just under 1,000 deferred members and nearly 900 retirees, it’s the most deferred retirement liability the group has incurred in a single transaction.

The deal was completed at the end of 2021.

David Richardson, CEO of Just Group, said: “We are very pleased to support the trustee and have received member benefits from this program.

“It is the highest single value transaction completed by our defined benefits business, and contributed to record 2021 benefit zero-risk sales of £1.9 billion, an increase of 28% over 2020.”

Four VCTs from Mobeus launched at 1.15pm on Thursday 20 January sold out within 24 hours due.

The bid raised £35m for early-stage British companies looking for investments to scale. Half of that amount was invested through the Wealth Club.

Alex Davies, CEO and founder of The Wealth Club, said: “This is the fastest fundraising we’ve ever seen, selling 45% of its value in less than four hours, and closing its books at lunch today just 24 hours after launch.

As a result, Mobeus has something of a Midas touch and a loyal and supportive shareholder base.

“We are inundated with a lot of investors looking to register their interest before the offer opens.”

from another place

Back to the office: Can’t wait or be afraid? (BBC News)

“I legalize!” Retirees share their struggle to pay their energy bills (The Express)

UK’s largest private pension fund to shift £5 billion away from polluters (The Guardian)

did you see?

What is the big topic that has been absent from discussions in contemporary politics? It is a social class.

This is the controversy brought up in a great article over the weekend by our featured writer Amanda Newman Smith.

You have written a wonderful piece on this topic that is poignant, insightful, and memorable.

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