Tradeswell brings on tech veteran Kathleen Booth and ecommerce media leader Adam Harris in key marketing and strategy roles

These additions come at a critical time in both the growth of the company and the ecommerce ecosystem. One year after closing its $15.5M Series A funding, which accelerated product development and client services, Tradeswell now looks to reach more brands and offer its real-time solutions so that all brands have access to the tools needed for scalable growth.

As SVP of Marketing, Kathleen Booth will partner with the founding team to achieve their vision and blaze a trail as the leader in the real-time commerce category.

“Tradeswell is positioned to fundamentally change the way ecommerce brands operate by solving one of the most complex and challenging problems they face,” she said. “I’m excited to work hand-in-hand with the Tradeswell team to empower a new generation of online retailers to meet their customers anywhere they prefer to buy.”

Prior to joining Tradeswell, she led marketing at a number of B2B technology companies in the ecommerce and cybersecurity spaces after founding and successfully exiting a digital marketing agency. Kathleen is also the host of the long running Inbound Success Podcast who has been named one of TopRank’s Top 50 B2B Marketing Influencers of 2021.

In addition to new marketing leadership, Tradeswell has brought on Adam Harris as SVP Product Strategy and Commercialization. In this role, Adam will own the vision of Tradeswell’s evolving product as well as product packaging, and will lead the creation of strategic partnerships to further the company’s growth.

Adam’s most recent position as a Senior Product Manager at Amazon focused on the intersection of retail and media data – an area that ecommerce executives have yet to master.

“Current solutions focus on a single retail platform, leaving too large of a gap for brands to understand all of their consumer digital touchpoints,” observed Harris. “Tradeswell provides a way for brands to make decisions quickly, quantitatively, and at an affordable price. They have truly raised the bar for ecommerce measurement, allowing a brand of any size to use sophisticated analytics to determine where to spend on media, what channels to sell through and what customer segments to target.”

Previous to Amazon, Harris held leadership positions at Hearst and Ampersand (NCC Media). He was part of several successful exits including PointRoll (acquired by Gannett), a rich media technology company, #Hashoff (acquired by DGTL Holdings), a social media influencer marketplace, and a Collective DCO (acquired by Adobe), a carve out of Collective Media’s dynamic creative suite.

About Tradeswell
Tradeswell is the leading operating system that empowers ecommerce brands to succeed in the real time commerce economy. By connecting and unifying business critical data from digital sales, marketing, finance and logistics channels into one cohesive and automated system, Tradeswell provides a single source of truth on the data and insights needed for better, faster decisions that fuel growth.

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