Twitter Is Where I Learned Marketing | by Annie Wegner | Feb, 2022

Content creation is a journey.

Everybody likes to talk about the quality of top performers. Few people look at their quantity and consistency. Every day without fail, my favorites are active on Twitter. They post 1 (low) to 10 (high) pieces of content each day. Within a year and a few months, this production amounts to thousands of posts like it did for Coach Raj.

Screenshot by the Author | Twitter via TheCoachRaj

Even on Instagram, coaches keep showing up for their audiences without fail. Some have assistants, schedule content in advance, or repost old material. Others like Mahdi get more creative when tired or burnt out.

Photo via Instagram via mahdiwoodard

I am intimidated by the quality of creators like Mahdi and Coach Raj. What’s even more nerve-racking and impressive? Their library of content.

I learned to create content out of necessity to build trust. I realized one advertisement graphic isn’t enough. Like corporate bosses, consumers hope for more, better, and different. Quantity and consistency help you get to the point of better quality.

After checking insights on my last posts or campaign, I give myself 20 minutes to work through my emotions. Then focus on creating fresh content for the new day.

You don’t have to drop gems all the time. But you can set expectations. So buyers get used to interacting with your brand.

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