Want Your Tax Refund ASAP? Do These 2 Things | Personal-finance

If you want to e-deposit to get your refund ASAP, the good news is you can probably do it for free. The IRS has a website that provides resources you can access to submit your tax forms electronically at no cost to you. These resources include fillable forms that people of any income can use for free, and software that guides you through tax preparation, but is only free if you have an adjusted gross income of 73,000. $ or less.

Be aware, however, that if you file your return electronically using guided tax preparation software, there may or may not be a cost to submitting your state returns depending on your income, the software you you use and where you live.

2. Request your refund by direct deposit

The IRS is also urging filers to request their refund by direct deposit if they want their money fast, rather than requesting a paper check. As the IRS explains, direct deposit is free, convenient, and secure.

To get your refund by direct deposit, simply select this option as your refund method and enter both your bank account and routing number when depositing. You can even split your refund into multiple financial accounts if you like, or you can buy up to $5,000 in savings bonds with the money.


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