You Can’t Retire Until You Answer These Key Questions | Personal Finance

If you’ll be retiring before age 65, however, then you’ll need to figure out how you’ll secure health coverage. If you have a working spouse whose group health plan you can join, that solves that problem pretty easily. But if you’re single, or if you’re married and you and your spouse are retiring at the same time, then you’ll need to explore other options, whether it’s retaining employer coverage though COBRA or buying a new plan.

Either way, make sure to research what your health coverage will cost you. The last thing you want is to face higher premiums than expected while trying to adjust to a new set of financial circumstances.

You may be ready and eager to leave your career behind and kick off retirement. Or maybe you’re nearing that point but aren’t quite there yet. Either way, make sure to tackle these questions before bringing your time in the workforce to a close.

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