ZOA Energy secures $10m funding to support meteoric growth

“There is this white space opportunity in the energy drink market for more natural products and ZOA is definitely leading the pack,”Jennifer Palmer, CEO of Gerber Finance, told FoodNavigator-USA.

“They’re definitely active in innovation and continuing to grow and that’s where our money will go,”said Palm.

With zero grams of sugar, B vitamins, branched-chain amino acids, functional ingredients such as camu camu berries and acerola cherries, and caffeine from green tea and unroasted green coffee beans, ZOA positions itself as a better option for you in $30 billion energy drink category.

Through its Naturally Gerber Finance division, which has financed dozens of food and beverage brands including Humm Kombucha, Cerebelly and Om Mushroom Superfood, Gerber will provide ZOA with debt financing (rather than equity financing). actions) to fuel the ZOA Energy brand and support its future. growth ambitions, including new product innovation and increased distribution.

ZOA 2022 objectives: “It’s an important year”

ZOA Energy was created by actor and former professional wrestler Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in 2021, attracting the attention of Molson Coors, which had made strides beyond alcohol into emerging non-alcoholic beverage categories . Molson Coors took a minority stake in ZOA last year and signed an exclusive distribution agreement to launch the healthier energy drink at retail.

According to Molson Coors, ZOA has become one of the top 15 energy drink brands less than a year after its launch, generating $3.4 million in revenue for the four weeks ended October 31, 2021, according to data from the IRI on multiple stores and convenience stores.


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